Friday 20th November

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Swarovski reveal BFA 2015 trophy

I have never won anything. Well, once I won a fiver doing the lottery but that was it. I’ve never won anything that deserves a trophy. If I were to win a trophy it would have to be super chic, and glam – just like its owner. Much like the trophy Swarovski has designed for the British Fashion Awards, taking place on Monday 23rd November (put it in your diaries). Those clever people at Swarovski have made 22 crystal trophies for all the winners this year so that when they catch the light the sparkle and shine like little constellations – pretty! We already know Alessandro Michele is to receive a trophy for International Designer of the Year but who else will grab one of these pillars of perfection? You’ll have to wait and find out on Monday. For the time being, until I receive my trophy, I’m holding a stapler and practicing my victory wave.