Thursday 15th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Nab Yourself a New Piece of Wrist Candy with the Tag Heuer Monaco Collection

As the stress of the holiday season approaches – yes, there are only 71 days until Crimbo – time management has never been more crucial. Thankfully, luxury watch designer Tag Heuer has just introduced three new timepieces as a part of its classic Monaco collection. A year after the collection’s initial launch in 2019, the most recent editions set the precedent for the future of the collection.

Giving a modern twist to the watchmaker’s 1970s models, the trio of watches paves the way for the Monaco collection to become some of the brand’s most popular pieces. With the choice between a stainless-steel link or a sturdy leather band, you’re guaranteed to have a very dressed up wrist – whichever way you go. Traces of red, white and blue on a stainless-steel frame keep the collection minimal but still very much attention-grabbing (did we mention it glows in the dark?). Not only are the watches stylish but they are also incredibly powerful. With the Calibre Heuer 02 and the 80-hour power reserve it brings, “Have you got the time?” will be your new favourite question, as well as giving you an excuse to drool over your fresh piece of wrist candy!

The Tag Heuer Monaco timepieces are available online now and in Tag Heuer stores.