Thursday 15th June

| BY Finn Blythe

A First Look At Emporio Armani’s New Winter Campaign

Emporio Armani AutumnWinter 2017-18 Advertising Campaign (1)

Another day another Armani campaign. Having brought you news yesterday of Giorgio’s new campaign imagery, Emporio, never far behind, have released theirs – shot by talented young thing Matteo Montanari. Don’t they all look happy. Mind you, so they should, being as they are, all young and shiny and dressed head to toe in new season Armani. We were young and shiny once, although none of us can remember looking or feeling that happy, and now – well, we’re a bitter bunch of dried up old prunes who actively dislike any form of fun and regularly complain about things being too loud. But what about the clothes? For the gents – lots of rich and luxe fabrics that featured so prominently in Emporio’s AW17 collection – velvet jackets and raw wool trousers – the type of garb you long for on those dark winter nights but currently, in this mini London heatwave we’re currently enjoying, just the sight of them brings on a bit of sweat. And for madame; ultra chic, monochrome tailoring featuring some v gorge spencer jackets, more luxury outerwear and a very nice jumbo-print herringbone suit. Oh, and some fairly major headwear, including a wide brimmed spectator hat that looks as though it would give shade not only to the wearer, but several of her nearby friends as well. Donning these looks are a host of high-cheekboned individuals, including Chiharu Okungi, Londone Myers, Julian Schneyder and Alessio Pozzi. Fabulous.