Taste The Feeling: Daniel w. Fletcher Creates a Capsule Collection with Coca-Cola

When it comes to this festive time of year, no drink is more synonymous with Christmas (aside from Buck’s Fizz, of course) than Coca-Cola. I mean, are the holidays really coming until the Coca-Cola truck rolls into town?

Thanks to London-based designer Daniel w. Fletcher, you don’t have to simply drink Coca-Cola this year – you can wear it, too.

Fletcher has created an exclusive capsule collection with the iconic drinks brand, taking all things white and red, but making it full-on fashun. “It feels pretty surreal to see my own name alongside a logo that’s so instantly recognisable all over the world,” says Fletcher.

The collection is inspired by a groundbreaking 1971 campaign by the brand which saw a group of young people, pulled from all corners of the globe, who stood together on a hilltop in Italy, singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” – a symbol of unity.

“I loved the idea of playing with an element of Coca-Cola’s history that perhaps not many of the younger DwF customers would be familiar with, and yet something that can not only resonate with my brand but where we are finding ourselves in society today,” he says. “The message of unity and inclusivity is completely uplifting, and perhaps has never felt more relevant.”

The collection meets Coca-Cola’s signature hues with key silhouettes the Daniel w. Fletcher brand is known for. The designer reconfigures key cuts and techniques from his back catalogue, be it diamond-cut denim twinsets, shirts and shorts printed with stills from the original advert and the brand’s signature bowling shirt: first created as part of Fletcher’s graduate collection which was worn by Harry Styles in 2015.

“It’s a seamless mix of Coca Cola fizz and my vision for DwF. Honing in on this particular moment in Coca-Cola’s history felt right for the DwF ethos from this angle too,” says Fletcher. “I really love the bowling style shirt with the Coca-Cola logo across the front; it was this style of shirt that really helped kick start my brand after Harry picked up the striped ones from my graduate collection back in 2016 so it felt right to have one included in the collaboration which is another huge milestone in my career.”

Photography by Conor Clinch, styling by Ben Schofield. Coca Cola x Daniel w. Fletcher is available to shop online and in-store at Harrods.