Tuesday 24th November

| BY Paul Toner

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands on the Ugg x Telfar Shopping Bag

Is there anyone left on the planet who’s not desperate to get their hands on a Telfar Shopping Bag? Trick question. The vegan leather phenomenon – dubbed “the Bushwick Birkin” by everyone from The New York Times to The Telegraph – sells out in minutes, if not seconds, when restocked on the New York label’s website. Widely celebrated for its affordable price point (the medium size costs an applaudable $202), the brand’s staple bagged Telfar Clemens the Accessories Designer of the Year award at the this year’s CFDAs and even ended up on Oprah’s “favourite things of 2020” list. Now that’s major. 

If you thought the Telfar pandemonium was about to halt anytime soon, think again. Announced today, the brand will be launching a special edition of its magnum opus in collaboration with Ugg. Yes, that’s right, the Telfar bag now comes in Ugg’s classic chestnut suede, with Telfar’s logo trimmed in creamy shearling. Talk about Christmas coming early, ey?

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Y/Project and Eckhaus Latta, the Ugg x Telfar collaboration was first teased back in September in a video that saw Clemens baking cookies, doing a bit of food shopping and playing with a puppy whilst dressed in pieces from the collection – set to drop early next year.

You can grab your first piece of the action on November 30, where Telfar will be launching a 24-hour pre-sale event for the two new bag styles available. In a similar fashion to Telfar’s Bag Security Program back in August – which allowed shoppers to pre-order any shopping bag of their choice for one day only – the Ugg x Telfar pre-order event will include two shipments: the first being a Telfar Christmas card in December, followed by the bag, which is guaranteed to arrive by Spring 2021. A prime opportunity to secure your piece of warm, fuzzy, Telfar history – don’t sleep on this one.

Photography by Roe Ethridge. You can pre-order the Ugg x Telfar Shopping bag on November 30 here.