Ten Craves: Emporio Armani’s Furry Friends, Frank Ocean’s X-Rated Jewellery And More!


Zendaya Fronts Valentino’s New PP Pink Campaign 

From Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s AW22 edit was a dedicated homage to fuchsia; the colour of love, community, energy and freedom. Titled Pink PP, the radical liberation from the need for realism saw slick suiting and sleek gowns obsessively stripped down to a single hue. For this reason, the vivid shade colour-coats all corners of the collection’s accompanying campaign. It’s radically vivid and full of life, starring F1 hero Lewis Hamilton and global sensation Zendaya. Frozen in time through the ephemeral lens of Micheal Bailey Gates, the queen of Euphoria performs a devil-may-care dance decked out head to toe in the hot hue. Take it from Valentino: it’s time to think pink! Emily Phillips

CP Company’s New Loyalty Program Rewards Key Customers

CP Company has launched a loyalty program and its a digital experience designed to nurture consumer relationships, provide special reductions and reward dedication. Aptly given the cult-classic title, The Brotherhood, the name could perhaps be fit for an all-American frat house; but to join The Brotherhood of CP’s, hazing is out of the question. So don’t fret, because his isn’t Big Brother, rather, it’s a personalised, virtual rewards program. The new digital membership program provides the brand with a simple solution for building a trusted network of communication between the brand and its customers. 

But why should you buy in, you might ask? Well, the premier program will reward CP’s most loyal customers with personalised offers, access to exclusive services, the opportunity to collect points with every purchase (plus free shipping), a special birthday discount, early-bird access to special events and more. EP

Rudi Gernreich Dives into its Archives 

With an extensive avant-garde archive traversing pop-art-influenced swimming costumes, surrealist catsuits, retro-futuristic frocks and beyond, the new boundary breaking swimwear on offer from Rudi Gernreich pays tribute to the defiant pieces of its past. 

First up, the Monokini, an article free from the restraints of high fashion. There’s also a topless bathing suit created to advance sexual freedom and nurture the natural figure of the femme body. Coming full circle, The Original Thong swimsuit, designed by the label‘s late founder – the Austrian-born Rudy Gernreich himself – in response to Los Angeles banning nude beaches at the time, is back for another round of sun-drenched hedonism. EP

Brand to Know: A Better Mistake 

Channelling creative disobedience, A Better Mistake (ABM)  is the Milanese label with an extensive portfolio in high-end experimentalism. Taking a genderless and seasonless approach according to the availability of feedstock and collaborations, which are always chosen within the electronic music industry, the brand’s Icons Drop explores innovative manufacturing techniques and boasts asymmetric cuts, transformational functioning items, surreal prints, cyberpunk aesthetics and silhouettes for the future, all under the the aim of challenging the unsustainable dynamics of the fashion system and standing up to stereotypes. EP

Emporio Armani’s Latest Campaign Features Four-Legged Friends

We’re barking mad for Emporio Armani. The brand’s autumn/winter 2022/23 campaign is a love letter to man’s best friend and all the intimate moments we share with our doggos by our sides. A democratic array of dogs coming in all different breeds, pose with lux accessories in this vivacious fashion story. It’s bursting with life, sprightly and maniacal, like the energy of its fluffy models, while Ayesha Sesay, Mathilda Gvarliani, Lisa Han, Jie Zheng, Kit Clarke, Stanley Taylor and William Franklyn Miller highlight the new season’s looks. EP

Fall for the Flavour of Byredo’s Brand New Lip Balms 

It’s time for a taste of her cherry chapstick – or chamomile, in this case – because Byredo’s got a craving for flavour and with that, the brand has just launched a trio of tasty lip balms. The three mouth-watering flavours we’re gagging to get our hands on include Camomille d’Anjou, which warmly blends chamomile and bergamot; Bergamotte de Bahia, where zingy lime and bergamot meet; and Thé à la Menthe d’Agadir; a balm infused with the minty taste of Moroccan tea.

With the introduction of lip-smacking flavour, Byredo is building upon the runaway success of its clear and tinted variants, all while retaining the transparent and semi-matte finish of their predecessors. Coming contained in a unique curvilinear anthracite metallic casing, these self-care adjacent apparatus are unapologetically pastel, boasting a subdued glow and a slick, streamlined silhouette.  

The limited-edition, highly-moisturising balms feature a fresh formula with a special blend of non-GMO ingredients made from 100% natural and vegan castor oil, jojoba seed oils, shea butter, bran and carnauba waxes. Free from endocrine disruptors, pesticide residue, and gluten, you can say goodbye to pestilent chapping and get a good-ol’ summer snog in instead. EP

Get Revved Up With Dior’s New Car Skins 

Ever wondered what it would be like to hightail it down the back roads, your voluminous hair billowing in the wind as you drive, turning the heads of all passerbys because not just you, but your luxury automotive too, is decked out in Dior? Maybe that’s just our inner fantasy, but if this high rolling day dream seems appealing, then you’re in luck because Dior is shifting gears and has just given virtual fashion a new name. 

Under the ingenious direction of Kim Jones, the house’s upcoming collaboration is an array of groundbreaking motor gear including a lemon yellow jumpsuit, leather gloves and a racing helmet; digital motorsport skins; and a custom vintage car – The De Tomaso Mangusta – each for the Playstation video game, Gran Turismo 7. Available exclusively on PS4 and PS5 consoles, the launch introduces a certain forward-thinking je ne sais quoi to the popular video game and in-your-face motifs hint at the dominance of Dior across history: for example, the number ‘47’ pops up as a tribute to the year 1947 – the date of Christian Dior’s first ever fashion show.

Designed by Japanese studio Polyphony Digital, the Inaugural Virtual Capsule is set to put that pedal to the metal on August 25. EP

Barbie Totally Hair Gets a Democratic Update

Alva Claire and Charley Dean Sayers are perfectly playful Barbie girls in a Barbie world this summer, because from toy conglomerate Mattel, a newfangled imaginative campaign, showcasing limited edition Barbie x Josh Wood colour hair glazes, is here. Available in shades of pink quartz, blue reef and peach blush, the beautician has created a series of exclusive hair colouring techniques just for the campy campaign.

In case you weren’t already in the know, Josh Wood is a celebrated celebrity hair colourist with an extensive roster of high-class clientele – including mademoiselle Posh Spice, aka Vicki B – so in every sense, the colour-connoisseur feels like the perfect companion to the vibrant launch.

To accompany the campaign, the original bombshell effigy has also been reimagined, reborn and reissued for the roaring 2020s with a fresh generation of curvy, tall and petite models as well as an additional 8.5 inches of extra-long playable, colour popping hair. The release marks 30 years of the best-selling, iconic, original doll: Barbie Totally Hair. 

This new chapter of Barbie Totally Hair invites you to get lost in the freedom of experimentalism. Come on Barbie, let’s go party! EP

It’s Time to Start Sleeping With Jacques

The latest luxury lingerie and sleepwear selection from Melbourne-based brand Sleeping With Jacques is a lusciously slow and sustainable assortment of sensual contradictions. Dubbed Duality, the AW22 proposal plays with the notion that all that exists must possess an equal opposite – think dark and light, static and kinetic, imaginary and real: only when navigated together can these fundamentals truly be understood. 

Inspired by the philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus, the Hellenistic character who merges the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth, this exploration of opposites becomes apparent in the contrasting colours and textures that creative director Jacqui Hoang puts to use. While red and blue counterpart twin sets set the tone, rich velvets are paired with delicate lace, intricate patterns appear spliced together and pearlescent white silks come trimmed with the deepest obsidian needlepoint adornments for a sultry sleeping experience. 

This season, Sleeping With Jacques finds beauty in unlikely couplings. Now that’s what we call lucid dreaming. EP

Our Legacy get on the running gear

Running the London Marathon this October? Our Legacy is about to kit you out. The label’s latest drop is focused around running gear, creating hooded jackets, T-shirts and muscle tees using residual and upcycled materials. Everyone knows nothing gets you in the mood to exercise more than fresh sportswear, so get spending and make sure you do your stretches. Paul Toner

Beats and Futura Laboratories Unite

The latest brand to take a spin at decorating signature styles from Beats by Dre is Futura Laboratories. The design company, founded by Futura, splashes the Beats Studio Buds in the artist’s “atom” motif which stretches across both the case and the noise-cancelling buds themselves. PT

Dean Hoy presents Big Sister

London-based photographer and filmmaker, Dean Hoy, presents his first short film dubbed Big Sister. The story is a tale of a teenage boy’s sexuality and the reckoning of it within the family home. “The film pays homage to ‘sisters’ (as the general idea of strong female figures) and their relationship with queer communities. Their unified struggle against suppression and oppression by a patriarchal system. We follow the narrative through Kurt’s adolescent mind, seeing manifestations of his Big Sister adored in both the grounded and fanatical, the healthy and unhealthy, and the vulnerable and heroic. Watch in full below. PT

Kiko Kostadinov’s Trivia Bag lands at Dover Street Market

All the hot girls are carrying the Kiko Kostadinov Trivia. From the minds of twins Laura and Deanna Fanning, a fresh iteration of the It bag has made its way to the hallowed halls of Dover Street Market London. Now equipped in a glittery fuchsia finish, the bag is the perfect party accomplice for all your late summer antics. PT

More Duran Lantink goodness arrives at Browns Fashion

Duran Lantink and his Frankenstein-like mash-ups of unused and deadstock fabrics are back! For an exclusive capsule collection with Browns Fashion, the designer has created a series of one-off hybrid styles using fabrics from the likes of Dries Van Noten and Acne Studios. PT

The Tom Of Finland Emerging Artist Competition Is Back

All fledgling artists and Tom of Finland enthusiasts, listen up. The ToF Foundation has launched the 11th iteration of its Emerging Artist Competition. First launched in 1993, the contest grants winners exhibition opportunities, promotional support and the chance to own rare ToF artwork.

This year’s grand prize winner will take home an original preparatory drawing from the late artist from 1975, and all finalists will have their work judged by the likes of Glenn Martens and Honey Dijon. Find out more information here. PT

Frank Ocean’s Homer drops a $25k cock ring

Yes, you’re reading that right. Frank Ocean set social media ablaze on the weekend when he announced his luxe lifestyle brand Homer would be selling a cock ring. The 18-karat yellow gold, diamond-encrusted XXXL H-Bone Ring will set you back a pretty hefty $25,570, joined alongside a slew of new product drops which include necklaces and dog keychains. PT

Top Image: Valentino AW22 campaign


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