Tuesday 3rd May

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Looks: The Met Gala 2016

And so, last night, the annual spectacle that is the merging of fashion and culture once again tripped its way up the red carpeted steps of the Met Museum in New York City. Yes readers, the annual Met Ball Gala is once again upon us with another exciting theme to inspire all who attended. And what is this theme I hear you ask? Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. But don’t expect Sigourney Weaver to jump out the photographer’s pit and beat to death any alien creature that may burst from the immaculately pruned flower bays. These guests are not to be confused with extra terrestrials. The fashions were certainly alien, but in an otherworldly sense, not scary monster. First up is queen of the intergalactic universe Naomi Campbell in Roberto Cavalli doing what she does best, Naomi. Well when you do it so well, why do anything else? Next, Lea Seydoux gives us her best sultry French maid from a Georges Bataille novel in Louis Vuitton. Saucy. If C3PO were ever to be reincarnated as a woman made of flesh and bone, he would most certainly come back as Cindy Crawford giving us her best supermodel pose in silver Balmain. Have you ever wondered what Wuthering Heights would look like when rendered real in deep blue chiffon? Then look no further than Agyness Deyn who has brought the fantasy to life in wispy Kenzo chiffon. Give me an L give me V… Alicia Vikander is cheering the party along in what can only be called a very futuristic robot cheerleader ensemble by Louis Vuitton. All that’s missing is the pom poms. Did she leave them in the car? We’ll never know. Dressed in Proenza Schouler, Brie Larson literally straddles the parallel world of Manus and Machina – the Manus taking the form of a sultry flamenco dancer inspired ruffle, the Machina in the rather striking pneumatic curve encased in shimmering silver. Lily Rose Depp, dressed in Chanel, channels machine, but machine of a different sort, because why channel a literal machine when you can channel a French pop machine? Mommy dearest. If the chief alien ruler in Mars Attacks had been Bette Midler, those aliens would be ruling over us now and we would all be allowed to worship at the feet of the Midler three times a day. Instead, due to bad casting, we are reduced to worshipping her but once a year and doesn’t she look fabulous is her Marc Jacobs creation? Bette for God. Look at Willow Smith, so grown up, so chic. No longer does our favourite hair whipper whip her hair back and forth, now she whips Chanel, on and off. She’s a whipping machine. Mia Goth gives us her best goth by name, fishy by nature in a tangle of sensuous sequinned Prada. It’s enough to turn Ariel green with envy.