Friday 19th August

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Loves: Acne Studios Emoji Collection


Acne, as in the clothing label, not the skin condition, has launched a new capsule collection, Emoji. As you might guess from the name, it involves emoticons, mainly banana’s, ring donuts and a hot dog printed on various things such as sweatshirts and shoes and even caps. We’ve chosen a banana to illustrate this as a banana is one of the more suggestive fruits, and as we all know emojis are a suggestive language of many random symbols, none of which we the the true meaning of. Being emoji illiterate, we used to think an aubergine was just an aubergine, which is why we have many questions about the choice of emoji. Namely are the banana and donut the new peach and aubergine? The new aubergine and an a-ok hand gesture? And if a peach is an arse then what does a ring donut mean? Is this an exploration of human anatomy via the medium of cartoon foodstuffs? Can a banana and donut, like Peaches and Herb ever be reunited? You know that old saying, if the ring fits? Does the donut fit is what we want to know. So many questions, so few answers.