Wednesday 3rd May

| BY Jack Moss

Ten Loves: Burberry’s DK88 Bags

The Burberry February 2017 Show

Would it be sacrilegious to begin a piece on the house of Burberry by admitting that I have never, in fact, owned a trench coat? To utilise a cliché – it’s not them, it’s me. Namely, my unfortunately proportioned body, long in torso and short of leg – a bit like a dog on its hind legs. Could go into specifics, but all you need to know is: a trench coat is, sadly, not for me. But what if I were to encounter a bag that was essentially the accessory-based equivalent? Step in Burberry, who today have released a new family of bags, collectively known as DK88, that encapsulate the essence of their signature outerwear. Contrary to sounding a little bit like an automatic weapon (maybe, IDK – I played with Barbies until I was fifteen) DK88 is actually the house code for the brand’s signature honey-coloured gabardine fabric. The collection, made in Burb’s new trench leather, consists of an array of styles, from the above, demonstrated at their February 2017 show, to the Top Handle which, as the name suggests, has a handle on the top. They’re all very nice. Last night in NY, Mr Christopher Bailey celebrated the arrival of the bags with 200 close pals in his Spring Street store, a store that you will now be able to not only purchase said bags, but also customise them, whilst surrounded by limited editions and interactive displays. Wowza!