Wednesday 27th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: Loewe Eyewear


It’s hot out here in London. Temperatures are high and so obvs our only rational approach to this heat in which we are simply melting (Wicked Witch style) is to begin a summer shopping expedition. What is one thing everyone needs when the sun is beating down hot hot hot? Sunglasses. By the dozen, preferably. So it’s clearly fate that Loewe have released their first eyewear collection in collaboration with Thélios. With three main shapes it’s a back to the future vibe, shades that block out the haters as we march forward. As we always love to pick favourites, we’ve chosen the Tyra frame as The One of our dreams in all it’s oversized sleek openwork lensed tortoiseshell structure. Of course the Puzzle aviator triangular style is super slick and the straight up stitched leather Jinkx are oh so serious. There’s no better way to pass out from heat exhaustion than in Loewe. Head to toe is always preferred. Yes, Loewe throw good shade.

 loewe_2 loewe_1