Tuesday 24th April

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: Prada Luna Rossa Black


Prada’s Luna Rossa Black is taking us into the night, we’re envisioning a deep seductive situation where we know we’ll end up doing bad, bad things… which potentially could end up being tragic but if we’re wearing Prada’s new fragrance then all is forgiven. Luna Rossa Black is the first Eau De Parfum in the House of Luna Rossa, but darker, evil, wicked. The iconic red band of Luna Rossa has disguised itself in black, 3D and illuminated by the pure white logo. Chic. This must be the fragrance that Miuccia Prada doused those men in before she sent them out into the night at the Autumn/ Winter 2018 show in all that black padded nylon. This is their secret power and potion, invisible and filled with strength. Prada strength, if you wanted to know, smells woody with whiffs of a patchouli coumarine, iris and musk. Sounds delish. So we will be off drowning ourselves in Miuccia’s chosen scent for the season. It promises sophistication and a magnetic energy with a disorienting effect. Excellent. Take us far, far away into the pradasphere. 

Prada Luna Rossa Black is available April 25th.