Tuesday 11th July

| BY Joel Traptow

Ten Loves: The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

I assume James Bond is into luxury goods. I mean, the man is always in a tux and surrounded by glam women, so that was my first thought when I laid eyes on the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon, the house’s very first Smartwatch, at a privé viewing yesterday. First off: it’s sexy. Yes, watches can be sexy too. There’s just something about a watch of this calibre that oozes a sophisticated I’m-always-on-time sex appeal. And always on time you will be, with the “My Flight” feature, which keeps track of your upcoming flight and any delays, giving you a handy little countdown on the screen. And y’all know the Louis Vuitton man is always criss-crossing the world.

The other feature that made me think of Bond is the thirty interchangeable straps – literally something for every occasion, a gala, a sexy beach holiday with a Bond girl – which leads me to say this watch isn’t just for men oh no, its also very much for the ladies – with thirty interchangeable straps for her too, Mr and Mrs Bond can match. For someone who never wears a watch (me) the appeal of this is that it literally has everything you need to stay connected without always having to have a phone in your hand, and looking like a luxy 007 agent is just an added perk.