Wednesday 25th October

| BY Finn Blythe

Ten Loves: The Prada Luggage Trolley

Prada Bananas 2Not totally sure ‘luggage trolley’ does justice to this here travelling companion. For one, it has bananas on it. Prada bananas. SS11 – possibly the greatest fashion print of all time. And just about impossible to get ones hands on. So let’s establish, to state the obvious – it looks good. Duh, it’s Prada. But this one’s also practical. For starters, it’s international “cabin baggage” size, which means one is spared the indignity of trying to squeeze one’s bag into those “baggage size regulators” they spring on you at the gate. Because this one will not be too large. You will not have to remove your belongings from it to make it fit. No, this is perfectly sized. The design itself draws inspo from Prada’s brilliant rucksacks, meaning that its pockets are handily expandable and inside there are enough internal compartments for even the most OCD packers amongst us. So pretty face, practical – but this one’s smart too. Each trolley is fitted with a “bag tracker” – a device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can show you the location of your bag within 40 metres, meaning that you can rest assured that when boarding your plane, your Prada has too. We’d take her on our lap, though. We’d never let go.

Available in Prada stores and from November 2017