Saturday 2nd June

| BY Roxy Lola

Ten Loves: The Vampire’s Wife Limited Edition T-Shirt


Our reigning queen of vampirism and all things fabulously cool, Susie Cave aka The Vampire’s Wife is releasing Girl No 5. The collaboration with artist Karen Constance has so far seen four girls on previous t-shirts, which have proven to be v popular, selling out within the first day’s release. Collector’s items. Girl #5 is swathed in a scarlett blood red hooded cape, which we are obviously going to relate to Susie’s Met Gala Gucci Autumn/ Winter 2018 look where she looked darkly, artfully, heavenly good. The girl here holds the yellow hero-bird that sits in power at the heart of The Vampire’s Wife crest. Apparently this bird has been off, journeying to a dark place and has returned with the gift of eternal love. Well, that’s ideal. Eternal love and a look? We’ll take it. There’s just something about Susie. Anything to go into the beautiful, wicked world of The Vampire’s Wife. The t-shirt, hand printed, runs as a limited edition of 200, available from June 4th and comes presented in a gift box designed by Tom Hingston. The whole experience. And then, we magically turn into vampires. The life we always knew we’d lead.