Friday 5th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

TEN MINUTES: At Fendi’s #Fendirumi

A general visual

Being an all-round bad bitch I don’t often find myself scared, but as I discovered last night at Fendi’s #Fendirumi pop-up at Harrods, I can still sometimes shake in my Prada boots. The night started out well. Greeted on arrival by some dashing waiters, we couldn’t help but stare. Not at them (handsome as they were) but at the concoctions they were presenting us with. Ice cold glasses filled with a bright blue liquid. “What is it?” we enquired. “It’s a surprise” was the reply from a long lashed waiter. And what a surprise. Blue and delicious. We still don’t know what it was. We continued through the pop-up space admiring the fashions, and bags, and very pretty PRs we know and love. And then I noticed a red carpet trailing off to the right. Perhaps there is a celebrity arriving late? Maybe Karl? Then, abject horror. I almost dropped my blue cocktail at the sight of the large creatures dancing and strutting down the red carpet. Piro-chan and Bug-kun, as I later learned they were called, were very cute I have to admit, but terrifying for reasons I cannot explain. Perhaps it was the perkiness. It didn’t stop Will and Jack sauntering over to them and cozying up. “So so soft” said Will pushing me towards them, but you couldn’t move me from my spot for anything. Thanks for the fun Fendi. Maybe you can hook me Piro-chan and Bug-kun for some private cuddling sessions? Help me overcome my fears and continue my legacy as a bad bitch.