Monday 18th April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

TEN MINUTES: At The Browns AW16 Press Day

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It’s 9.30am. We’re at Soho House. Waiting for a morning presentation of the finest autumn trends to begin. They’re being presented to us by Browns. Obviously there’s food involved. It is a breakfast presentation and you know we’ll do anything for some fancy French pastry and eggs. In fact we’ll do anything, really anything for an egg. Even harvest our own, though that does sound rather extreme when it comes to the pursuit of breakfast foods. And we never did like needles either. Anyway, the trends. It’s an exciting time in the world of AW16 fashion. It’s also an exciting time in the world of Browns. Not only has the buy, and well quote now, because we took notes like the professional journalists that we are, “increased four times over with double the range and triple the depth, they bought in a whooping 33 new brands for SS16, that means 33 new reasons to shop now, but they’re also bringing in another 35 for AW16, which is good news for them and bad news for our bank accounts. Obviously, this makes this whole morning more than just exciting. And so onto the trends. What are they? Up first is  ‘Hot Fuzz’, “the trend for the ultimate luxe cover up.” Think all things furry and soft. Next is ‘the night shift’. Nightime glamour. Not to be confused with the Night Porter. Shoes. “its all about making a statement with your feet” apparently. Statements heels are paramount. Or so we’ve been told. And of course who could forget the coat and blazer. Well it can get a bit nippy in the colder months so it kind of makes sense in a sense making way. And finally, last but not least, the shirt. Well you do need something to wear underneath that coat or blazer don’t you. And what would the key pieces be? Well why not peruse the lovely picture gallery filled with product, all which you can actually buy. Now. Like literally type into your browse and get shopping. We didn’t lie about the morning being exciting. The eggs were delicious too.