Tuesday 11th July

| BY Finn Blythe

Ten Shoots: Armani In The Pages Of 10 Magazine

Today, Signor Armani turns… well, a lady never reveals her age. But it is Giorgio’s bday, which is naturally a cause of much celebration at Ten HQ (any excuse). I mean, what else is he but the daddy of Italian fashion? Proof: the following images, pillaged from Ten’s archives – where his oh-so luxurious clothing (either under his name or under its baby brother, Emporio) were shot betwixt our pages.

Consider it our gift to you, Mr Armani. Happy birthday. Or, if you would prefer, in your mother tongue: buon compleanno. Did we say it right?

Armani4Issue No: 41
Shu-Pei wears Giorgio Armani
Photographer: Norbert Schoerner
Fashion Editor: Sophia Neophitou
Hair: Alain Pichon
Make-up: Mary-Jane Frost


Issue No: 57
Talent wears Giorgio & Emporio Armani  
Photographer: Derek Ridgers
Fashion Editor: Tara St Hill
Hair: Gary Gill
Make-up: Lucy Bridge

Armani1Issue No: 43
Caroline Brasch Nielsen wears Armani Privé
Photographer: Nobuyoshi Araki
Fashion Editor: Sophia Neophitou
Hair: Hiroki Yoshimori
Make-up: Ken Nakano

Armani5Issue No: 33
Kinga Rajzak wears Armani Privé
Photographer: Mark Pillai
Fashion Editor: Hector Castro
Hair: Christian Eberhard
Make-up: Lloyd Simmons

Armani6Issue No: 42
Reid Rohling wears Emporio Armani
Photographer: Ben Grime
Fashion Editor: Garth Spencer
Hair: Pierpaolo Lai


Issue No: 58
Katie Moore wears Emporio Armani
Photographer: Danielle Levitt
Fashion Editor: Anna Trevelyan
Hair: Rob Talty
Make-up: Maki Ryoke

Armani8Issue No: 43
Max E wears Emporio Armani
Photographer: Serge Leblon
Fashion Editor: Garth Spencer
Grooming: Pierpaolo Lai

Armani7Issue No: 45
Fernando Cabral wears Emporio Armani
Photographer: Benjamin Lennox
Fashion Editor: Garth Spencer
Hair: Lyndell Mansfield
Make-up: Sharon Dowsett

Issue No: 57
Model wears Armani Privé   
Photographer: Alex Saint

Armani9Issue No: 36
Nicholas Costa wears Giorgio Armani
Photographer: Gregory Harris
Fashion Editor: Tony Irvine
Hair: Esther Langham
Make-up: Ralph Siciliano