Thursday 3rd November

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Tips For Wearing An Hermès Silk Scarf


There are two things that bring us joy in life. The first is Hermès. The reasons I think, are pretty obvious. The second is the American Vogue website and their many tips on how to make your life better. For example how to hold a better conversation, how better to prepare your home for the colder months or, our not so recent favourite, how to wear a scarf. A silk scarf specifically. There’s nothing we like more that a piece of Hermès silk, or to use the French, a carre, or even better, The American Vogue term of game changer, tied jauntily round our necks. But such wearing of said carre is a tad too obvious. A touch to done, and does in no way explore the myriad of possibilities available to the carre fan. You could, for example as the American ones suggest, tuck one into the collar of your statement hoodie, or wear it dangling from your wrist, paired with the prettiest of your party dresses. Or, why not tie one to the handle of your Birkin? Or round your torso and silk top nirvana is yours. Or, simply channel Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. And no we do not mean go commando and sit in a police interrogation crossing and uncrossing your legs. Sharon, as all Basic Instinct aficionados will, was a fan of a white silk Hermès carre. They’re very good for tying things up with. So why not use one for that purpose. We won’t tell you what you’re supposed to tie up, you can Google that for yourselves. Or why, if you have more than one, do that old bedroom escape where you knot together bedsheets and shimmy down a drain pipe, but use your scarfs instead. It certainly makes for a silkier descent and an impactful exit, one that your Uber driver who’s waiting downstairs will never forget. The two carre’s featured here would be marvellous for any of those purposes. The top one, for example, is designed by Antoine Carbonne who graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris in 2011 and is, “inspired by a painting by Paul Sérusier, the driving force behind the creation of the Nabis group in 1888. Au Bout du Monde doesn’t represent any one place in particular; rather, it is ‘our idea of a view’ – a mysterious valley at sunset, or sunrise”. Whereas the pink creation below, by Michel Duchêne is, “inspired by an Indian wall-hanging of silk embroidered with gold, this carré tells the story of India’s celebrated tiger-hunts of old, captured in a wealth of iconic imagery evoking the sumptuous lifestyles of the maharajahs at the height of their power”. Both scarves also just happen to be part of the new AW16 carre collection. What a fabulous coincidence no? And what better excuse to try out our scarf wearing tips than a new silk scarf? It’d be rude not too.


Top: Au bout du Monde, 2016. Antoine Carbonne

Bottom: Chasse en Inde, 1986. Michel Duchêne