Thursday 7th April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ten Tips On Finding The Perfect Bra (Or Just Go To Selfridges)

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Finding the right bra is sadly not as easy as simply doing a Buzzfeed quiz that promises to know you’re bra size based on random questions such as if you were a insect which insect would you be? There is more to good cleavage than duct tape as Kim Kardashian has revealed. Yes, we know that finding the right bra is a specific kind of hell you have to endure for the indignity of having, through no choice of your own, one day sprouted two lumps of fatty deposits on your chest.

So you have two choices. You could quite simply make an appointment at the Fit Studio in Selfridges in Body Studio, and have a professional see to you, whilst also indulging in over 30,000 square feet of retail space dedicated to all things body, or you could like us, turn to the font of all how to knowledge, e-How and do it yourself. After all, as the saying kind of goes, if you want a job done badly, butchered to within an inch of it’s life, do it yourself. Just rest assured that the skill level for bra measuring is easy. Which means you will never do anything more difficult in your life. You will need a tape measure for this, or in the case of the helpful e-How video lady who can show you what to do, a 30cm ruler. Obviously, the below has shamelessly copy and pasted in it’s entirety, because, somehow, we don’t think we can put it any better, or more clearly for that matter than e-How. 

“Finding the right bra means purchasing a bra that is both comfortable and supportive. According to “Body Drama” by Nancy Amanda Redd, measuring your bra size means matching your chest size to your breast size. Both of these sizes produce different measurements that you must compare and combine in order to determine your overall bra size. Once you learn how to measure for a bra, you can shop for bras that fit your body type.

Hold one end of your flexible tape measure directly above your breasts.
  2. Wrap the other end of the tape measure under your armpits and around your back. The two ends of the tape measure should meet above your breasts.
  3. Examine the tape measure to see the measurement of your chest size.
Remove the tape measure and place one end of it on top of one of your nipples.
Wrap the tape measure under your nearest armpit, behind your back, under your other armpit and across the centre of your breasts until the two ends of the tape measure meet.
Examine the tape measure to view the measurement of your breast size.
Compare the chest size and the breast size measurements to determine your cup size. If the two measurements are the same, you need an AA cup bra. If the breast size is 1 inch bigger than the chest size, you need an A cup bra. A breast size 2 inches bigger than a chest size necessitates a B cup bra, while a breast size 3 inches bigger means you will need a C cup bra. A D cup is when your breast size measures 4 inches bigger than your chest size.
Combine your chest size and your cup size to determine your overall bra size. For example, if your chest measures 36 inches and your breasts are an A cup size, you should wear a 36A bra.

Tips and warnings:

Stand in front of a mirror while performing your measurements. The measuring tape should be held exactly horizontal across your chest during measurements. If you have a hard time measuring your bra size on your own, ask a family member or a friend to measure for you.

The Body Studio at Selfridges is open now…