Wednesday 25th April

| BY Finn Blythe

Ten’s To Do: Atone For Your Fashion Sins At Raeburn Repairs

Christopher Raeburn  Studio Spring Summer 18 Photographer Ben Broomfield  @photobenphoto

For those of you not in the know, this week is Fashion Revolution’s Open Studios week. It’s only in its second year, so don’t kick yourself too hard, but this is a week you should be penning into your diaries from this moment onwards. According to our impeccable trend forecasting abilities, it’s only going to get bigger and more important. Co-curated by Tamsin Blanchard, this forward focused initiative celebrates a new approach to making and consuming clothes. In the name of industry transparency, Open Studios places the cards firmly on the table, inviting the public to see how fashion is responding to its shameful environmental record. It’s not exactly an antithesis to the conventional Fashion Week cycle, but a welcomed alternative, giving a voice to designers and other industry aces who may not get the same airtime as fashion’s biggest names but who are nonetheless doing amazing things.

From the rich and varied programme, which we’d encourage you to peruse yourself, we’ve picked out ‘Raeburn Repairs’ as one of our personal highlights. For the second time, Christopher Raeburn is opening his doors, inviting anyone and everyone to bring out their damaged Raeburn goods to be darned, patched, stitched and ultimately, reborn. Because one of the best things we as consumers can do is stop throwing away our old clothes. If they are broken, damaged or just slightly tighter than they used to be, then fix them, and if you aren’t sure how or why, then Raeburn Repairs is a must for you. Time to repent for all those panic ASOS purchases. Email ahead with images of your fashion ailments and you will be received for a bespoke repair session. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Find out all the info by clicking through to the site below.