Thursday 3rd November

| BY 10 Magazine

The Fashion Awards 2016 Reveal Their Marc Newson-designed Trophy


Look, a table of trophies. A bit like shiny shiny honeycomb. Because it’s made from Swarovski crystal. So not, in fact, edible. Chewed up crystal doesn’t sit well on the digestive system, darling. But you probably aren’t going to get your your hands on one anyway. Because you are, most likely, not one of the selected talented fashion sorts nommed for the Fashion Awards 2016 at the end of November. Let alone the winner. The trophy, marking the newly made-over awards, was designed by famed designer Marc Newson, the hexagonal design drawing inspiration from crystal clusters and rock structures, travelling 800 miles to the Royal Albert Hall from Swazrovski’s HQ in Wattens, Austria. There you go. Marc said of the design: “I was delighted to be asked to design this trophy. Swarovski crystal is a fantastic material to work with, and I am happy with the striking visual effect that has been created from the reflections of each individual trophy when set together. We could not have achieved this spectacular result with any other material. It is a pleasure to contribute to the evolution of the Fashion Awards and to celebrate such great talent with these trophies.”