Tuesday 30th July

| BY 10Magazine

The Fashion Fund Documentary Cfda Vogue Though


Though it seems the whole reality TV thing has blown over slightly this year with the masses of HBO style shows on every channel (special mention goes once more to Gilian in those blouses in The Fall), we’re dead excited about news of the forthcoming CFDA doc chronicling the battle for this years Fashion Fund. For those who aren’t in the know the ultimate prize is around 300,000 dollars, with 100,000 going to two runners up. Big numbers yes- but if we were that excited by cash we’d be watching that daft show where they drop loads of it down a lift shaft. Isn’t it plain to see? For us this is all about Wintour, as in their ascent to design stardom (see what we’re doing here with this steps picture?) they’ll surely have to impress her in a major way.  If 2009’s The September Issue is anything to go by, this six parter similarly titled The Fashion Fund is gonna be ah-mazing! Though we’ve no word as to whether it’ll air in the UK yet, there are ways and means Tenners-legal or otherwise. 

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


by Vincent Levy