Wednesday 11th May

| BY 10Magazine


Ever have the urge to line up all your pens, or shoes, or lipsticks in neat little rows and look at them all together? So you can enjoy their symmetry and take in the similarities and differences between each object? Yes? I knew it! Don’t worry, you don’t need to seek treatment for OCD. Instead, you could make art out of your urges like Hans-Peter Feldmann. For years he’s been seeking out and grouping together all sorts of things in the name of art: bunches of flowers, photos of people’s knees, newspapers, linking them together and putting them in galleries. He’s a pro.

In recognition of this, those clever people at Hugo Boss awarded him their coveted Art Prize for 2010, which includes $100,000 and a solo exhibition which opens at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on 20th May. Just rewards for – to quote the press release – “an aesthetic that achieves a subtle effect of poetic resonance and suggests the presence of elusive narratives”.

by Zoe Wulfsohn-Dunkley