Thursday 28th April

| BY Jack Moss

The Looks: Beyoncé’s Formation Tour

Beyoncé kicked off her Formation World Tour in Miami last night. Or, as we are calling it, The Second Coming. Suffice to say, if we had have been there, it would have been messy. There would have been screams, tears, sweat and possibly the unwanted expulsion of other bodily fluids. For Dominic, the whole thing is making him reminisce about the first time he say Beyonce live. “The screen opened,” he says. His eyes are misty. “The light poured out and all I could see was a silhouette. It was God. Well, it was Beyoncé. But God.” Obviously the whole affair was superbly dressed, Queen B’s bod clad by everyone from DSquared2 to Gucci. And so, in honour of this assault of high fashions, we’re passing back over to our resident Bey expert, Dominic, to talk us through some of the tour looks. Ready?


“Hmm. This is making me think of a Wild West showdown. But like, ready for some sort of Las Vegas showgirl extravaganza two hours later. Love.”

Beyonce 1


“Okay. This is when you enter the gates of heaven. And you’re greeted with a gospel choir. And Beyoncé is there. And you die. Again.”

Beyonce 2

Roberto Cavalli

“This one is Michael Jackson. Meets military activist chic. Is that a thing?”

Beyonce 4

Latex body

Dominic squints. “Slutty medieval wench. The frilly neck says wench, latex says slutty”

Beyonce 5


“Ooooh. Wait wait. What’s that Eddie Murphy film? YES – Coming to America. But like, in da club.”

Beyonce 3