Tuesday 14th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

The New Birkenstock Campaign Is All About Authenticity


Fact of the matter is – everyone owns a pair of Birkenstock. Whether they’re from the furry Rick Owens collab, the limited edition hot pink ones, or just the good ol’ classic brown, double-strap Birkenstocks. It’s the kind of shoe that transcends time, place and style; a shoe that is worn by everyone, everywhere. And the team at Birkenstock know it. Foregoing the traditional approach to shooting an ad campaign, this season marks the beginning of their #Personality project. Focusing on a group of diverse individuals wearing shoes from their own cupboards, Birkenstock highlights the fact that these shoes are not just for show – they are practical and being worn every day. There are no new products featured in the campaign either, it’s all the actual pieces owned by these creative individuals, proving once again how completely contemporary their archive still looks. Timeless is the word. Photographer Ryan McGinley, Royal Ballet dancer Romany Pajdak and Nobel Prize-winner Thomas Südhof are just a few of the faces rocking their own worn-out Birkenstocks, making us want to go back to our parents’ homes and find that old pair we wore back in the day. Photographed by Brit Jack Davison, this campaign is here to tell you that you should never EVER throw away your old Birkenstocks. Because maybe, one day, you’ll be part of their #Personality Portfolio. We volunteer!


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