Wednesday 9th September

| BY Jack Moss

The Prada Patisserie


Lunch time food-based news: Prada has bought a cake shop. Not a sentence that I ever envisaged writing, but cause for celebration no less. Why? Well, we love Prada. You all know that. But our other love is food. Which you may not have known. Just yesterday, in fact, Ten Towers consumed a whole box of donuts. This may seem like false the claim of a waifish fashion type, but alas, it’s actually true. Now – what if those donuts had been Prada approved? How much sweeter would they taste? We presume a lot. They would most likely look better, too. The store that Prada has purchased, well eighty percent of it, is called Pasticceria Marchesi, a café that specialises in pastries, hence the name, but also in chocolate and panettone. We are told that it’s been a local haunt for in-the-know Milanese since 1824. “Marchesi represents a symbol of Milanese excellence and I am happy we have stipulated this agreement with the family that founded the historic brand,” said Patrizio Bertelli, Mr Prada and the brand’s managing director. An excuse to gorge next time we are in Milan. If we can get a table. This is Prada, after all.