The Row’s New London Flagship Store Is A Haven of Understated Luxury

Entering the brand new The Row store at 15 Carlos Place is an overwhelmingly emotional experience. Happy for the privilege of living in London. Angry as I probably (khm definitely) can’t afford anything in there. Confused as I instantly start to question my love of colour in place of becoming a rich b*tch in beige. You know, the one that goes to art galleries to actually buy the pieces in a pair of wide-legged cashmere tracksuit bottoms. They’re The Row, of course. And she’s got it from the brand’s just-opened European flagship store in the heart of Mayfair. Over the two floors of a converted art gallery (of course), Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen curated a space that represents the pinnacle of understated luxury.

Following the steps of the brand’s NYC and L.A. stores, the duo teamed up with architect Annabelle Selldorf when designing the interior of the London location. The opening coinciding with Frieze art fair seems very timely, as the interior of the store reflects the brand’s customer’s love of arts. Before you even see the clothes (there’s no traditional windows), James Turrell’s light installation Jai Signh’s Sky welcomes you into the world of The Row. The minimal merchandising made of delicate rails, vitrines and shelving allows the art pieces and furniture to stand out. And just like the effortlessly chic clothes, all of the furniture is on sale. Funn, a signature John Chamberlain’s piece made out of car parts, dominates the ground floor space which also holds  special collaborations of Anna Khouri’s jewellery and Oliver Peoples sunglasses accompanying in addition ready-to-wear womenswear and the much-loved The Row accessories. Navy, black, beige and white, with a touch of colour here and there – mostly with the custom-made lighters and vintage jewellery, both of which are available exclusively in London

A monumental, church-like set of stairs down and you’re in the cazh land. Those same wide-legged cashmere trackies are joined by a full selection of footwear and athleisure. Or however else you want to call those luxurious pieces that rich art lady wears on her walks up the mountains of Switzerland. Downstairs is also where she buys clothes for her finance-advising husband and her Cambridge-going boys (“They’re just growing up so fast!”) as The Row menswear makes its in-store debut in Europe.

Exiting The Row store is equally an emotional experience. I’m thankful for getting to experience this kind of luxury, even if only for a moment. Sad because I’m leaving without one of those fancy beige paper bags filled with all the wonderful things I just touched. But also hopeful, because I will one day become that rich art b*tch. And once I do, I’ll make sure to get a pair of cashmere tracksuits in every colour available. That’s black, navy and cream – such is The Row lifestyle.

The Row’s London flagship store is now open at 15 Carlos Place in Mayfair.