Tuesday 28th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

The Row Menswear is Almost Here


When it comes to classy, high luxe fashion, you can always count on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The walking symbols of contemporary fashion and the chicest twins in the world, the Olsens have been reinventing the word luxury from an early age. What started as two teenage style icons with an intense love of clothes later transformed into a serious business. Since its launch in 2006, The Row has become one of the few brands performing exercises in style in their own lane, completely reforming the highest end of fashion. With the finest textiles, minimal designs and their militant dedication to craftsmanship, The Row clothes have become the definition of covetable. And what delight it is to hear that after mastering the worlds of womenswear and accessories, Ashley and Mary-Kate are finally venturing full-force into menswear.

The brand’s menswear line isn’t a complete novelty – The Row silently launched a capsule collection of men’s pieces back in 2016, without a single whisper about it. It was effortlessly chic and ridiculously lush, exactly what you’d expect from the masters of subdued decadence. But that was just a practice match – the brand’s first full-bodied men’s line is dropping online and in stores sometime in October (the exact date is still unknown) and judging by the first look, it’s equally as fabulous as their booming world womenswear. Focusing on creating the foundation of a classic men’s wardrobe, The Row is following the exact steps to success they walked up while building women’s side of the brand. “We want to be able to offer the menswear market those same core foundation pieces at a luxury level,” Mary-Kate says in the press release. These core foundation pieces include everything from tailoring and footwear to tees, denim, knits and small leather accessories. Sounds nice, right? Well, start saving now – this is one of those moments when having a Black Amex will come in handy.


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