Wednesday 18th July

| BY Roxy Lola

Thom Browne To Design FC Barcelona Off-Field Wardrobe

tb_mainWe love a man in a uniform and Thom Browne designs a great uniform. After Browne dressed the Cleveland Cavaliers for the NBA playoffs this year we wanted, needed more TB on athletes. It just looks works so well. Our wish is his command. Forget basketball, Browne is now feeling football, announcing a partnership with FC Barcelona to dress them off-field in tailored and formalwear uniforms. The collaboration will begin in the next football season and continue for three years. Best dressed team in the league already. “I’m excited to be associated and work with the best athletes in the world,” Browne said. “The uniforms represent the confidence in showing true individuality and enforce the meaning of representing a team as one strong unit. I have always felt that world class athletes are the best role models and truly inspiring. The image of the players in the uniforms show true confidence and individuality that will inspire the youth of today”. We are expecting cropped to the ankle suits in shades of grey, perfectly pleated shorts, crisp white shirts and the classic red, white and blue Thom Browne mark. Because of course, football is all about fashion.