Sunday 20th May

| BY 10Magazine


When Tom Ford decided that, after a brief hiatus, it was time to once again to step into the fashion limelight, he did so via the medium of sunglasses. So, yes, fragrance may have came first, but only just. A quick Wikipedia check confirms that both the fragrance and the opticals were both born in 2005, so going into what came first is a bit nit-picky. And, anyway, the sunglasses were the more important of the two. Smelling of Tom is obviously fabulous and great, but not being Tom Ford models, dressing only in fragrance is (to us, at least) a bit like being the emperor with no clothes: a scary sight to behold. But sunglasses… Why, they’re not just sunglasses. They’re accessories. And where accessories go, surely full-blown fashion rebirth will follow. And it did. Some five years later, admittedly, but dreams don’t always come true instantly. Which brings us to our next point. The dream. It involved Joan Collins as her finest creation: Alexis. She was clad in Tom Ford. Figure-hugging, va-va-voom lace and leather and ruffles and tassels and lace-up cleavages are designed with a certain woman in mind and, in our mind, she goes by the name of Alexis. She has money, a number of ex-husbands (her favourite necklace is made of all her engagement rings) and the sharpest put-downs since, well, Alexis told Krystle where to stuff it. And she is never without her sunglasses. How else does one do dramatic entrances, stolen glances at other people’s husbands, cold impenetrable emotion? And if you’re wearing Tom Ford, you’ll be wearing the fragrance, the lipstick and the sunglasses. The only way is the head-to-toe way. Which is where the cleverness of Tom comes into play. Whereas fashions change regularly with the seasons, and lipstick changes with the time of day, sunglasses always remain they same. They’re a signature thing. They communicate who you are better than your face. Which is why a style can never be discontinued. Which is why, rather than do a complete optical overhaul every time the days get longer or shorter, new styles are added, old styles never taken away. If there are only two things a fierce femme fatale can rely on, it’s her gut and Tom Ford. He’s the only man who has never let her down. Who never will. The only one who can capture exactly who she is with a well-proportioned frame.

by Natalie Dembinska