Friday 26th August

| BY Will Johns

Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Funfair


My first memory of a fairground is less than glam. And if you’ve ever been to one in Cornwall, specifically Penzance, you’ll know my horror. Perhaps, by chance, you too have ridden on the ‘Shooting Star’ located on the edge of Penzance harbour. A modest £1 was all it cost for the supposed experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, all £1 bought me was an experience of near death. Upon being locked and bolted inside the rusty cage, I was propelled not into the sky, but into the harbour wall. Traumatic, to say the least. Until now, I didn’t really want to go back to a fairground. But soon I shall be rolling up, rolling up, for Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid. They have renewed my excitement for amusements with their very own fairground extravaganza to be held in September over New York Fashion Week no less – this isn’t your average small town effort. Among the rides and games, there will be a 40-foot Ferris wheel for starters, Tommy Hilfiger vintage stores, Gigi pop-ups, and a variety of delectable treats to feast upon throughout your day. We’re told 2000 lucky people will be invited, and not just press but regular folk like your fine selves. If you don’t find an invite in the post, you can watch the fashion show unfolding on Pier 16 online via live stream, showcasing the wears Tommy and Gigi have collaborated on for the brands Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Pieces will also be available for you to get your paws on instantly, in few fabulous clicks of a finger. What fun!