Friday 25th October

| BY Helena Fletcher

Tommy Hilfiger Brings Back His Greatest Tommy Jeans Hits With The Heritage Capsule Collection

Without a doubt, the late 1990s and early-noughties-style is synonymous with Tommy Hilfiger. The list of celebs pictured proudly repping the brand is so expansive that if you were to list them all, this article would be double the length. Everyone from the biggest names in hip-hop, R’n’B icons, pop starlets and actors wore the Tommy flag loud and proud. It’s pretty hard to avoid the evidence popping up all over Instagram or reblogged on Tumblr – the looks were iconic and the pieces still possess the same completely covetable effortless appeal they had back then.

Maybe you’ve tried your luck trawling through Depop for that old-school puffer or you’ve got your eBay alerts turned on trying to source a double denim fit, but never found that piece of Tommy to call your own? Well, breathe a big sigh of relief as the new Tommy Jeans Fall Heritage collection will fill that #TBT Hilfiger-shaped hole in your wardrobe. Nostalgia runs rife throughout the 16-piece collection, with classic styles curated and reimagined for today. All the favourites make an appearance – with plenty of big and bold logos appearing across windbreakers, fleeces, puffers, shirts, jean jackets, rugby shirts, jumpers and tees. There’s a pair of camo cargo pants and a crushed velvet puffer, which practically have Ten Towers written all over it on. Oh and ever piece is a limited-edition collector’s item, each finished with a unique Tommy Archive label. You better act fast now, or be sorry later.

The Tommy Jeans Fall Heritage collection is available online and in select Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans stores globally.