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Top Ten: Humberto Leon

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Have you ever wanted to single white female (new verb) Humberto Leon, the co-creative director of Kenzo and co-founder of Opening Ceremony? Well, now you can. Remember these answers. Memorise them. And then go buy yourself a wig. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Listen up! You love music as much as we do – name 10 great tunes on your iPod now.

  1. Disco 2000 by Pulp
  2. Animal Nitrate by Suede
  3. Somebody by Depeche Mode
  4. Try Again by Aaliyah
  5. Percolator by Cajmere
  6. Two Weeks by FKA twigs
  7. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake
  8. This Charming Man by Morrissey
  9. Fantasy by Mariah Carey
  10. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

We love TV/film/theatre! What are your 10 most fabulous things to watch?

  1. Cats the Musical
  2. Friends
  3. Beverly Hills 90210
  4. Bloodline
  5. Anthony Bourdain
  6. Spike Jonze music videos
  7. Clueless/The Craft/Mean Girls
  8. Anything John Hughes
  9. Twin Peaks
  10. Sister Act

What would we do without them? What are your 10 lovely words? Food, sex and
 money are ours.

  1. Sustainability
  2. Family
  3. Massages
  4. Amazing
  5. Cilantro
  6. Bodies of water
  7. Love
  8. Food
  9. Shearling
  10. LOL

Yum yum. What 10 things do you like to eat? What dishes, desserts,
 savouries or sweets? 

  1. Shaved snow
  2. Steamed fish
  3. Pasta
  4. Pizza
  5. Red bean anything
  6. Mission Chinese papaya salad
  7. Fried chicken from Pies ’n’ Thighs
  8. Tako wasabi
  9. Uni from Hokkaido
  10. Perfectly seasoned broth

L.O.V.E. What 10 things do you LOVE? We work in fashion, remember, we
love everything…

  1. My daughters
  2. 35mm photography
  3. Mazzy Star
  4. Eating something really delicious
  5. Reality TV (guilty pleasure)
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (extra large with milk and sugar)
  7. Exploring flea markets and vintage stores
  8. Rob Pruitt’s artwork
  9. Sandals with socks
  10. Discovering new places to explore

H.A.T.E. What 10 things do you H.A.T.E? We work in fashion, remember, we hate everything…

  1. Long meetings and wordy emails
  2. Traffic
  3. Taking the subway
  4. Excel
  5. Cats (the pet, not the musical)
  6. Floppy beanies
  7. Vegan food
  8. Iced coffee
  9. Discrimination and prejudice
  10. The answer “no”

Pooh! What 10 smells are rocking your nasal world? Nothing rude now –
well, you can if you want…

  1. The scent of my kids, right after a bath
  2. Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne
  3. Freshly brewed coffee
  4. My mom’s cooking
  5. Hong Kong street cakes (the ones you find in the carts in Chinatown)
  6. Bread baking
  7. The ocean at the beach
  8. Japanese candy stores
  9. Laundry
  10. Condensed milk

Un-put-downable! What 10 books couldn’t you live without? 10 Men 
(of course). 

  1. The World of Interiors
  2. Architectural Digest
  3. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
  4. The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake
  5. Anything Dr Seuss
  6. Anpanman
  7. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
  8. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
  9. The New Yorker
  10. Chloë Sevigny’s new book

Such inspiration! Who are your 10 Heroes? Superman, Mother Teresa, God?

  1. Wendy Leon (my mom)
  2. Patrick
  3. Carol Lim
  4. Aung San Suu Kyi
  5. Alice Waters
  6. Oscar Wilde
  7. Dalai Lama
  8. David Lynch
  9. Pussy Riot
  10. Kenzo Takada

Here, there, everywhere. Where are your 10 favourite places? What bus
stop, what view, what beach?

  1. Lake Oscawana, New York
  2. Marrakech, Morocco
  3. Sayulita, Mexico
  4. Rosemead, California
  5. Home
  6. Paris
  7. Sintra, Portugal
  8. Lima, Peru
  9. Berkeley, California
  10. The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California

Text by Humberto Leon
Photograph by Sebastian Kim

Taken from Issue 42 of 10 Men, on newsstands now…