Friday 24th July

| BY Annie Verrall

Gigi Hadid the new face of Topshop

I have never really understood the term ‘girl next door’ especially when linked to someone like Gigi Hadid; just your average 5 foot 8, blonde, atheletic, drop-dead-fucking-gorgeous bombshell. I’m not bitter, honest. Just saying.

Topshop were looking ‘to strengthen their global vision’ which made Gigi the perfect candidate what with her ‘effortless, Californian style, together with her strong social media presence’. I may never be able to achieve abs or legs like that, but at I can buy that skirt, and that dress, and jacket. But I guess that’s the point. Clever Topshop.


Photographer: Tyrone Lebon

Talent: Gigi Hadid