Thursday 13th October

| BY Jack Moss

Uncontaminated Oslo Fashion Art Festival: Day 1


Oslo is very cold. A fact we probably should have anticipated. Instead, spent large portion of yesterday worrying that hands and other appendages may actually fall off. Luckily, though, there was enough in the Nordic city to warm the cockles – mostly down to Uncontaminated, Oslo’s festival of fashion and art. Yes, a veritable smorgasbord (or is that Swedish?) of artistic talents from around the world set off proceedings on day one of the three-day event. Our own evening begun with a whip around Aker Byrgge (basically a massive pier) where lots of pop-up galleries had, well, popped-up for the occasion. Highlights included Martin Shreiner’s frenetic, scribbled memorial to a friend and Maria Pasenau + Ingrid Bredholt, who showed their big, teenage posters in the basement of an underground carpark. And all washed down with some warm wine out of a box. Lovely. The main event, though, was a new exhibition of work featuring Denmark’s notorious artist, Bjarne Melgaard, who had created sort of yeti-esque beasts which populated the large dark warehouse we found ourselves in, alongside new work from legendary hair artist, Bob Recine (above). He created a towering portrait with a curtain in front, made from, you guessed it – hair, as well as a large floating car that hovered over the space. And where else would our night end but a gay bar called The London? Let’s call it soaking in the culture.