Friday 26th January

| BY Finn Blythe

Uniqlo And JW Anderson Head To Brighton For Their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


JW Anderson and Uniqlo is the gift that keeps on giving. Following on from their hugely successful collaboration last year, the two are once more pooling together their creative talents to forge a collection rooted in the halcyon days of 1950’s Brighton, back when the landed gentry would flock en masse to the seaside town for a ride on a donkey and a fully clothed dip. They were simpler times.

“In the second collection of the collaboration, I’m looking for this idea of ‘British Summer’, the idea of being on the Brighton beach”, said Mr. Anderson of the new line. “Something which is very lightweight, very airy, with a lot of linen and cotton that has a 1950’s subcultural movement.” This then, is a not solely a collection based on British culture, but one that taps directly into its psyche. Because is there anything more British than a premature scramble down to the coast at the first glimpse of sun for a quick swim, only to flee the frost-bite inducing waters to return to the safety of a towel and dry clothes? 

The Uniqlo x JW Anderson collection with launch at Uniqlo stores from Thrusday, April 19th