Thursday 17th December

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Valentino Is Throwing a Boiler Room

In March, music venues across the world shut their doors and dancing in sweaty crowds became somewhat of a distant memory. The music industry, however, has done what it does best and seized adversity as an opportunity to adapt and create. Over the last few months, we’ve seen virtual gigs and online, one-off performances, become the “new normal”, not the mention the overflow of lockdown albums we’ve had this year.

Our next virtual save-the-date comes from Valentino and the London based music platform, Boiler Room. Get your dancing shoes on for a series of exclusive live performances taking place on December 22 and 23.

Boiler Room isn’t new to the world of virtual concerts and – under normal circumstances – streams live DJ sets internationally. The first of the two commissioned performances comes from South Korean singer and producer CIFIKA. Like most musicians, CIFIKA is experiencing live crowd withdrawal symptoms, and realises “how precious our daily lives were before Covid.” On the second date, Boston rapper BIA takes the stage in her track “Skate” in LA.

Both artists will be kitted out in Valentino’s Diary Collection as Pierpaolo  Piccoli specifically selected the pair for embodying the values Valentino stands for. BIA also recognises the value of the relationship between music and fashion and is honoured to wear the collection.

Both performances will be available to stream on Boiler Room’s website and YouTube channel December 22 and 23.