Monday 1st February

| BY 10 Magazine

Valentino Has a Brand New Self-Affirming Card Game

If you’re up-to-date on internet crazes, you’re probably well aware of We’re Not Really Strangers. The purpose-driven card game has become somewhat of a cult hit across both Instagram and TikTok, with Gen Zers suppressing lockdown boredom through a clever little game that encourages players to search for empowering meaningful connections; both with fellow players and within themselves.

The game’s founder, Koreen, has teamed up with Maison Valentino for the brand’s very own version of the card game – which features 25 cards that reflect the shared positive and empathetic values of both parties. Each card comes adorned with a singular Valentino stud with a V Logo Signature design stamped throughout. If you’re looking to keep away from your screens, even just for a short while, for the rest of lockdown, this is the positive distraction worth investing in.

Photography courtesy of Valentino. The Valentino x We’re Not Really Strangers cards are available at select boutiques worldwide, find your nearest store here.