Friday 20th September

| BY 10Magazine

Versace Milan Fashion Week S S 14 21st Century


21st Century Versace – new ease, rock energy, effortless luxury’ Were the show notes that winged their way to us before the show “I wanted everything to be effortless, with the attitude of the street. This is a real woman. A luxury woman. A Versace woman” said Donatella Versace and so that’s exactly what she delivered. No girl next door in sight, in fact she was definitely a girl that would prowl the streets with plenty of attitude and definitely knows how to have fun. Denim detailed rafia circle skirts, denim detailed jackets, leather studded trousers with the punk studded detailing she so favors, and lots of mini, skin tight sheaths with print, and mesh and leather and gauzy gathered panels. Sky scraper heels with huge buckle detailing paired the punk attitude and the glamour that is after all the magic and the most crucial ingredient for every Versace girl.

by Sophia Neophitou