Sunday 3rd July

| BY Jack Moss

Vetements To Disrupt At Couture


What are Demna and his rabble of radical young things doing at Couture? Well, they’ll Vetementising. WTF does that mean? A reasonable question, as it is a word that I have just made up. Vetementising – to make something Vetements. Let me explain. On Sunday, the Parisian brand will be collaborating with 17 different other brands on a special show – Levi’s, Hanes, Reebok, Juicy Couture, Brioni, Manolo Blahnik, Mackintosh and more – reworking their most iconic pieces into something VV (very Vetements). Vetemenzing. Apparently, they’ve destroyed some Manolos. Not that he minded. “I told him we’d probably want to wash and boil and burn the shoes, is it O.K. for you? He said, ‘Please!’” Demna told the New York Times. Our excitement is reaching such levels we are quickly rushing out to Boots to pick up Tena pants for the inevitable pee that comes out when we see the collection later today. Now where is that pink diamonte Juicy Couture shellsuit I had 15 years ago…