Friday 2nd February

| BY Finn Blythe

Vivienne Westwood Unveils Her 2018 Summer Campaign, Starring Chloë Sevigny

Vivienne Westwood is having a party. Or she had one. Turns out it was so raucous that she recreated it, photographing the whole thing for this here 2018 Summer campaign. And not that she would ever need to justify such a thing, but as it happens, she has a lot to celebrate, enough to fill two parties, in fact. Not only did she open her very first store in New York, but this year marks two decades of collaboration with photographer Juergen Teller- a fruitful union that has produced a staggering anthology of work, comprising pivotal campaigns, portraits, political satire and editorial.

Which brings us back to this campaign and the party, originally thrown in honour of all these fabulous milestones, and now the setting of Dame Viv’s Summer campaign, shot by… you guessed it, Herr Teller, and Creative Directed between Vivienne, Juergen and Andreas Kronthaler. As Mr. Kronthaler explains, “They all looked so great! So we decided we wanted to shoot them all for the campaign”. The images are a celebration of that spontaneity and what New York is all about. A congregation of diversity and difference, club kids; straight, gay, trans, models, actors, all joined by Ms Chloë Sevigny, looking like a cross between a licentious dinner guest from a Jane Austen novel, La Marianne (she of the French Revolution), and Moll Flanders. All of whom, we are sure you will agree, are style icons in their own right, but the point is, Chloë looks like the sort of character you’d want at a party. And, achievements aside, has there ever been a better time to party and celebrate inclusivity, tolerance and womanhood than now? We love it Viv!

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