Friday 7th October

| BY Jack Moss

Wales Bonner Has Curated A Space Inside Dover Street Market


Grace Wales Bonner, supremely talented designer of menswear, has collaborated with Dover Street Market on a special space inside their Haymarket store in which to peddle her most glorious wares. Yes, her eponymous (sans the Grace) label will be available for purchase in amongst a number of found objects that she has collected across her travels. They’re calling it a “gallery context,” we’re calling it a nice little delve into Grace’s mind of a Saturday afternoon. Or any other day/time you decide to go. Now, from the provided image, we can’t quite see exactly what trinkets and treasures she has pulled together, but there looks to be some large coiled object in a glass box, some nice looking old books, one of which is in German, and a big pointy thing. Purpose unknown. All tres intriguing. We’re sure all will be revealed if you actually, well, go. And if you do, you will, of course, have the added benefit of actually being able to purchase her AW16 collection. A collection that, we can assure you, is very, very good. It’s open now.