Monday 7th November

| BY Will Johns

WATCH: Fendi Celebrate Delfina Delettrez-Designed Watches With New Film

Are we tripping? Did someone sneaky slip something into our morning mimosas? Perhaps. But we soon realised that it was German photographer Daniel Sannwald’s intention to send our delicate brains into a spin on this hazy Monday afternoon, via his exclusive 3D video which fully emphasises the hypnotic beauty of ‘Policromia’ – the haute joaillerie watch designed by Delfina Delettrez Fendi. We’re taken on a surreal journey through the grand marble arches of Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, past ancient statues which include Delfina herself, immortalised in stone. Something that Lionel Richie, if the technology had been available, might have explored for his video “Hello”. Imagine, a romantic affair between a king of pop, or in this case, a queen of jewellery, and a blind graphic designer. Very 2016. Anyway, behold the watch’s exquisite layers for yourself as they detach and rotate, drawing you into the ever entrancing world of Fendi.