Tuesday 6th June

| BY Jack Moss

We Talk To Lineisy Montero and Edward Enninful About Gap’s ‘Bridging The Gap’ Campaign


Running out of superlatives to describe Mr Edward Enninful, but we don’t mind. Safe to say, he’s brill. And, culminating a most fabulous few months, where he only went and became the first man to helm British Vogue, here’s another Edward first – his directorial debut, Bridging the Gap, made for, as the name suggests – Gap, with Edward also styling and casting the film. That casting involved gathering a frisson of talented sorts, men and women who Edward admires, has worked with or championed – Adwoah Aboah, Christie Brinkley, Priyanka Chopra, Jonathan Groff, Wiz Khalifa, Casil McCathur, amongst many more – showing how difference unites, rather than divides. With singing! We won’t say more – you can watch for yourself below.

“I aimed to capture the spirit of American optimism and the idea of the American Dream,” Edward told us, “an optimistic dream of opportunity, individuality, freedom, and the embodiment of one living their truth.  It was important to me to feature a cast of individuals that inspire me and represent the world — from actors to activists, models to athletes to performers — a cast of varying genders, sexualities, religions, ages and backgrounds. The cast are all people I champion, work with, and am inspired by.”

“No matter how different one person is from the next, at our core we are all the same. We all want to be happy, living as our truest and greatest self.”

Here, we talk to one of those stars of the campaign, lady supermodel Lineisy Montero – and we don’t use supermodel lightly – this is a woman who has walked just about every runway under the fashion sun since her Prada debut. Here, she tells us all about Bridging the Gap and working with Mr Enninful…

JM: Where in the world are you right now?
LM: For the moment in New York.

JM: Did you have to sing in the campaign? Are you any good?
LM: Maybe not my strong point, but it was fun!

 JM: What’s your favourite karaoke song?
LM: All of them! I really could not choose just one, but I especially like the romantic ones.


JM: The cast is pretty amazing – what was it like working with so many big personalities?
LM: It was something very special. They are people that I normally only see on television and to have the opportunity to work with them and to do something so positive is incredible.

JM: And how about Edward? Had you worked with him before?
LM: Edward is a wonderful person. I remember I met him at my first Prada show, and of course I worked with him for on various projects for W Magazine – “I am an Immigrant” was another favourite.

JM: It’s all people Edward admires – who do you admire yourself?
LM: I admire the people who live day to day for a better future. The mothers who leave each morning and go to work to provide for their family and the people who fight to defend their beliefs.

JM: The message is about diversity, people coming together – why’s that important? Why now?
LM: Well, we live in a time where people are a little more open and I think it is very important we know that being different is not a problem. Being different is what characterises us as a person, and now more than ever we have more opportunities to help us spread the message.

JM: The white t-shirt is the other star of the campaign – what piece of clothing do you never travel without?
LM: I have some trainers that I always have to bring!

JM: What are you up to at the moment, what’s coming up next?
For now I’m relaxed, but as a model you never know what’s next!