Friday 23rd June

| BY Finn Blythe

We Went To The Launch Of Calvin Klein’s Obsessed Fragrance Last Night

KateMarioWell, Phoebe and Jack did, celebrating Calvin’s latest frag in the way all good things should be celebrated: with champagne. And a party. That fragrance is called Obsessed, which, as the name would suggest, is a play on the American megabrand’s iconic nineties fragrance, Obsession. It was the smell of an era.

And that same era is also celebrated in the new campaign, also revealed last night, which utilises unseen images from the original 1993 campaign, featuring a loved up Kate Moss and ex-lover, photographer Mario Sorrenti. Instead of fabricating love by having some muscle-bound hunk pull some generically erotic moves we’ve all seen before, the campaign is enduring for precisely the opposite, namely, documenting a very real and captivating relationship between two people. And there’s Kate. Which helps.


As that campaign approaches its 25th anniversary, the new version utilises unseen footage of an 18-year old Ms Moss, sploshing about in the surf of an uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. The footage – potentially even more beautiful than the original, is laden with nostalgia for something that has been, evoking a real memory that still remains in the minds of two people. We could go on – but this was about the launch, which took place yesterday evening at Spencer House in London, where guests were treated to an immersive exhibition of over 250 of Mr. Sorrenti’s images, both unseen and immediately recognisable.

The two scents, for him and for her, share the memory of a past love at their heart, memories that are triggered by the whiff of another on the skin. Traditional smells of masculine and feminine have been inverted and layered, with typically masculine notes harnessed for the women’s and visa versa. Sounds fab – send us a bottle.