Friday 26th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

We’re Off To The Slopes With Dsquared2

There’s a scene in The World Is Not Enough, the 1999 Bond flick, where Elektra King (played by Sophie Marceau) and James (played by Pierce Brosnan) jump out of a helicopter and onto the slopes, exploring the snowy hills and valleys of Caucasus. The scene, in true Bond-style, quickly turns into a massive ski chase and features both characters exhibiting some Olympic-level skills. Spoiler alert: Elektra ends up being one of the big antagonists of the film, in a classic good-girl-gone-bad scenario. But her outfit in this ski scene? Pure late 1990s winter luxe. A slim silhouette, an oversized hat and the sleekest pair of skis. Elektra King is our unsung winter style icon. And just in time for your next winter hols, Dsquared2 are coming out with a collection of men and women’s skiwear that reflects our obsession with minimal slalom chic.

Oh and it’s a chic look indeed. A skin-tight pair of white high-waisted ski trousers and a black turtleneck worn with a black nylon puffer, a pair of goggles and a sassy expression on the face. It’s how they do it in Canada. On the guy front, the Caten twins are serving up an equally slim silhouette. Stretchy materials with neon splashes are leading the way, and there’s even a pair of jeans in there too, making you look like a pro despite the lousy snowplough technique. Okay, we’re off to the gym now – we need to tone down before we jump into the crisp white Bond-girl ski-suit up in the Alps. It’s Squared, D Squared.