Wednesday 29th March

| BY Jack Moss

What Raf Simons Listens To At His Dinner Parties

Raf Simons

We love a dinner party for the simple reason that we love dinner and we love parties. We’re hazarding a guess that Raf Simons probably doesn’t love food or alcoholic beverages quite as much us we do (we’re dependent – last night, I considered eating a peanut I found down the side of my sofa) – but he does love a dinner party. Well, that’s how he chose his very first show for Calvin Klein last month and now, just as Joel wondered yesterday, whilst fingering through a rail of CK briefs what sort of pants Raf wears (conclusion? the new Y-fronts because they are “classic, practical but a bit naughty”) you can now find out what Raf would listen to at said dinner party. Which, as the Soundcloud below demonstrates, would be a two-hour Richie Hawtin mix. Admittedly, we haven’t actually listened to it (the office has point blank refused to turn off Smooth FM – sorry Raf) but we are promised that it includes all sorts of electronic music du jour. Would Garth listen to it at one of his dinner parties? No. No? Garth! Explain yourself. “Well, I tend to choose something loud and horrible sounding so that my guest is encouraged to leave the table and go straight to the bedroom.” Oh. Fair enough. Listen below…