Wednesday 13th December

| BY Joel Traptow

Who’s Jonathan Anderson’s First Ever Ambassador For Loewe?


If you have not seen “God’s Own Country” yet, shame on you. It’s very good. And, perhaps more importantly, very gay. So obviously we’re into it. Why is it relevant to the House of Loewe? Well, Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of the House, seemed as utterly obsessed with the film as us, becoming so moved by lead actor Josh O’Connor’s portrayal of a depressed and promiscuous gay sheep farmer that he’s made him the first Loewe menswear ambassador since he began at the House.

“I saw the film “God’s Own Country” and remember coming out of the cinema feeling incredibly affected,” said Jonathan. “I thought that Josh’s performance had a genuine strength which feels very pure, and had an organic kind of feeling which I really liked. As soon as we were thinking about a face for Loewe men’s, Josh was someone who came straight to the front of my mind.”

We aren’t entirely sure as yet what the role will involve, but we presume we will be seeing plenty of Josh in Loewe – as we do here, picking up a British Independent Film Award – which is absolutely fine with us.