Thursday 5th May

| BY Jack Moss

An Exhibition To Celebrate The Women Of Dior

La princesse Margaret d'Angleterre accompagnee de Sir Oliver Harvey lors d'un voyage a Paris saluee par la garde republicaine lors de son arrivee au bal du Cercle Interallie au benefice du British Hertford Hospital le 21 novembre  1951  (elle porte le diademe en diamants Cartier que portera KateMiddleton pour son mariage en -2011) --- Princess Margaret with Sir Oliver Harvey in Paris arriving at a charity ball November 21, 1951 (diamond tiara by Cartier worn by KateMiddleton for her wedding in -2011)

How best to honour the fabulous selection of women who have placed the equally fabulous creations of the house of Dior upon their bodies? Well first, get yourself a nice piccy of them, preferably by a famous photographer of some sort, shove it in a frame (gold, gilded, gorgey) and hang said picture upon the walls of Christian Dior’s childhood home in Granville, Normandy. Obviously. From Marilyn to Diana to Rihanna, Dior’s latest exhibition, entitled Women of Dior: Portraits of Elegance, is a celebration of said lovely ladies and their lovely Dior clothes. Or, to utilise the fine words of Dior’s press release, “the array of designs created by Christian Dior, and then by his successors, has consistently enchanted a vast number of women… ever since 1947, this synergy has produced a long line of elegantly-clad women who have a close relationship with their Dior outfits, unfailing witnesses to every highlight of their lives.” For those of you unwilling to make a trip across the border to attend an exhibition, there will be accompanying book available, also paying “homage to some of the illustrious women who have worn the house of Dior’s fabulous creations”. An elegant addition to coffee tables everywhere.

Photograph of Princess Margaret, courtesy of Dior