Friday 30th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Forget Winter Wonderland, This Is The Greatest Christmas Market Coming to London


Weekend plans anyone? Allow yourself to step away from the two-day hibernation you’ve had on your mind from the moment the temperatures dropped, and get into Christmas mode. But no, not your average red-green-and-gold Coca-Cola Christmas market. This one’s a bit just a tad more indie, if you don’t mind us saying. Opening this Sunday inside one of East End’s coolest eateries Bistrotheque, Xmas Trade is a festive market bringing together a community of artists, designers and makers based in East London.

Organised by the brains behind cult club night Anal House Meltdown, the market is totally free to participate which means all the traders and small businesses keep all of the profits from their sales. Now that’s called a festive spirit. And when it comes to the seller’s list – they range from fashion through art, textiles, beauty and design. Notable names include Louise Gray, James Davison, Taint by Ashish, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Richard Porter of Pilot Press and many many more. And as if all those goodies weren’t enough, some pretty major cameos are responsible for the atmosphere on the day. On Sunday, it will be Kevin Le Grand and Nick Harris performing, with tarot readings from Milovan Farronato. But if you decide to get yourself there on Monday eve, you can get a tarot reading from the dark lady herself – Princess Julia. All in all, it’s a pretty good weekend to be in London. See you there!

The Xmas Trade will take place at Bistrotheque on Sunday, December 2nd and Monday, December 3rd.